Market Data for Property in Harpenden – July ’17

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Alasdair Gravestock Du Melville - Director

Alasdair Gravestock Du Melville – Director

Here is the latest price data for Harpenden, our head office location.

Over the last 12 months Harpenden has enjoyed a growth in price of 8.95% which is almost three times the national average of 4.7%.

The market is highly liquid with many transactions taking place when compared to the housing stock.

The average prices for a property in Harpenden, based on number of bedrooms, are therefore as follows;

1 Bedroom – £321,100

2 Bedrooms – £486,400

3 Bedrooms – £706,400

4 Bedrooms – £1,131,700

5+ Bedrooms – £1,768,800

The overall average current value in the area currently sits at £807,000 and average earnings are £38,999 offering a price to earnings ratio of 20.69 – the national average is 12.5

Among the highest turnover roads (where houses have changed hands most rapidly in recent years) are Milton Road, Roundwood Lane, Cravells Road, Cowper Road, Crabtree Lane, Overstone Road and Tuffnells Way.

The most affordable roads to buy in Harpenden are Reed Place, Beeching Close and Robin Court, while the most expensive roads are West Common Close, Park Avenue South and Park Avenue North with Cross Lane coming in a close 4th. The average house price on West Common Close is currently £3,669,4773.

The average property rental value in AL5 is £1846pcm with the majority of properties being two or three bedrooms in size, but evenly split between flats and houses according to current market trends. Yields remain low due to the high capital growth so for professional investors short term cash flow will remain minimal however long term results look to remain positive.

Overall, Harpenden remains a strong family location with solid house prices which look set to weather out the storm of uncertainty buffeting the UK at present. It is likely Harpenden prices will continue to rise steadily where some fringe areas of the home counties may see a softening in price in the coming months, subject to forthcoming political and social events over the winter quarters.

If you are looking to buy property in Harpenden, have a property to rent or would like detailed bespoke advice on your property please contact Francine or Alasdair on 01582346111.

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First posted July, 2017